Photo Lab: game-changing features you must know about天狮登录官网网址安卓客户端

Even if you usually read all our what’s new texts that go with every Photo Lab update on major app stores, this post can still be worth your while. We did our best to illustrate the highlights of the most recent features with stunning examples in the hope of inspiring you for the most outstanding reworks.


We believed you could fly and made a step forward to fulfill your dream by giving you all sorts of wings possible – angel’s (goes with a halo of course), butterfly’s, fairy’s, dragon’s, or tiny doodle-style ones with a cute little crown.

Photo Lab app: effects powered by AI skeleton segmentation

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Level up your messaging experience with Photo Lab team天狮登录官网网址客户端官方

It’s high time to get something fresh, fun, and flashy to adorn your online communication with and even make it more effective. Why now? Because we are here to introduce our new product – Emolfi Keyboard, which is a selfie-based sticker keyboard for all messengers and social networks.

Emofi Keyboard

It’s not by chance we decided to make our own keyboard. First of all, we live in the world of technologies, where every third person has a smartphone, and chances are you are using one too to read our blog at the moment. In addition, did you know that according to free statistics, every person with a smartphone spends at least one hour per day chatting in messengers? With those facts in mind, it’s no wonder we chose to develop something that would make chatting experience more enjoyable and interesting for you all.

Let’s shed some light on how it all works, shall we?

Love is in the air! Wait… Love is in Photo Lab!天狮登录官网网址地址ios

February is said to be the most romantic month of the year. Everyone knows the reason – on February 14, the Saint Valentine’s Day is celebrated almost all over the globe.

Love Cards

As one of the main e-card ideas suppliers, Photo Lab team is ready to share our best Valentine templates and tips on romanticizing your photos.

P.S. remember that our seasonal tab with over 200 edits is now open 😉

Let’s make this Valentine’s Day special together 💕

Looking Back Into 2018天狮登录官网网址官方安卓

Wow, that was quick. Meaning 2018, that came and went at the speed of sound. It’s only now we’ve realized that there was a lot of news and we simply didn’t have time to share it in a proper way. So this post is about everything you won’t find scrolling down our blog (apart from the things that are truly worth mentioning twice).

Year 2018 in Photo Lab's life

Let’s go for it?

We Wish You a Very Merry Christmas! 🎄天狮登录官网网址软件在线

Photo Lab team wants to wish you the Merriest Christmas ever! Enjoy winter holidays, fill your heart with love and joy, and get amazing presents from Santa Claus 🎅

We wish you all a Happy Holiday Season and a prosperous New Year! 🎊 Thank you for being with us during 2018 and for your creativity and support.

Stay tuned for even more amazing effects and outstanding combos. See you in 2019!

Merry Christmas

P.S. tap here to enjoy our seasonal tab, and don’t forget to explore #christmas2018 & #newyear2019 hashtags to find best ideas for your holiday photos ✨

May Jack-o-lanterns burning bright this Halloween 🎃天狮登录官网网址软件在线

Photo Lab cannot miss world’s spookiest holiday. Join us for interesting stories, Halloween traditions and scary combos!

All Hallow’s Eve, Hallow E’en, Day of the Dead, Halloween. Whatever name you call the holiday, this night is considered to be one of the most mystical and magical during the whole year. Photo Lab team wants to tell a brief history of Halloween, pay attention to the most popular traditions and share ghastly combos with you (don’t forget to tap on any combo you like to apply it to your photo).

Happy Halloween
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Autumn: 7 reasons to adore this season with Photo Lab天狮登录官网网址下载下载

“Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower.” Albert Camus

If you ask us what our favorite season of the year is, it won’t be easy to answer. Hot sunny weather, green grass, and vacation opportunities make us love summer, while New Year, Christmas and snow are the main reasons to be a winter fan. Being an allegory of new life spring gives us a breath of fresh air as well as a sense of a new beginning, decorating it with a beauty of a blossoming nature. As for autumn, we love it dearly. Need proof? How about seven reasons why we adore this season of the year at Photo Lab?..

Warm yourself with Photo Lap

⬆️Quick hint: click on any picture to apply an autumn effect to your photo 😉

Seven autumn benefits unveiled 🍂

The chronicle behind Shawn Mendes album cover天狮登录官网网址网站网站

Guess what can happen when you edit a photo of your idol with Photo Lab? Sometimes your creation becomes a cover art for his new album!

Get Photo Lab for iOS & Android

Right from the moment Shawn Mendes announced his third self-named album, the album’s cover has been the center of discussions on where the inspiration for the artwork came from. All because the artwork reminds of one of the effects inside the Photo Lab app. And the truth is our app became an important part of the story in the very beginning, when one amazing fan of one YouTube billionaire (in views currency) created a fan art with our ‘Inner Bloom’ effect.

Shawn Mendes album cover art inspiration

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Photo Lab is a part of the most expensive digital picture天狮登录官网网址客户端在线

We are happy to announce that one of the most anticipated crypto projects of the year 2018 – CryptoPicture, has just gone public. You would ask what’s in it for Photo Lab, but actually, our team has got more reasons to be excited than any other team. First of all Photo Lab got its spot in the picture during presale event – you can see our logo among the purchased slots. Besides (and it makes us extremely proud) the app’s founder Victor Sazhin is actually the person behind this original initiative in crypto industry.

CryptoPicture launch

So what is CryptoPicture? It is not just a promising project with a creative and smart team working on it, but also the world’s first decentralized advertising space regulated by Ethereum smart contract. It is a 1 million px canvas, divided into predefined blocks set for sale. We can go on and on talking about the project, but like a saying goes the Picture is worth a thousand words, so feel free to read the whole story on the project’s page.

We have high hopes for CryptoPicture and if everything goes as expected (and risk is always involved when dealing with projects like this) it’s gonna be one of the most valuable digital picture in history. So good luck to CryptoPicture and everyone involved in bringing it to life!

Have a very joyful Easter with Photo Lab!天狮登录官网网址线路app

Easter is one of the brightest and best-loved holidays all over the world. We in Photo Lab team send you the best wishes and invite you all to remember some interesting facts about this day together.

Have a very joyful Easter with Photo Lab!

Everybody knows that Easter is mostly celebrated at different times by Eastern and Western Christians. Historically, Western churches used the Gregorian Calendar to calculate the date of Easter and Eastern Orthodox churches used the Julian Calendar. Easter is also a movable holiday, meaning its date is not fixed in both calendars. This year Easter is on April 1st for Western Christians and April 8th for Orthodox.

Having users all around the globe means getting ready for both celebrations for us here at Photo Lab. And guess what? We have double Christmas as well – in December and then in January. On the one hand, there is a lot to take care of, but on the other – we’re glad to work twice as hard every time to create some stuff that will bring joy to everyone. Let this very post be the starting point of our great Easter hunt for holiday stories and, of course, new cool combos!

🌸🐰 Join our little Easter journey! 🐰🌸